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Team Pawsitive! is made up of a rowdy bunch of hounds that keep their humans on their toes! Each member of Team Pawsitive has their own favourite types of enrichment activities; that’s why we are such a big team! Each of the products in the Enrichment Shop have been tested by three or more of us, and we soon let our humans know whether it’s a paws up or tail down. We pride ourselves on our commitment to finding the best products for our fellow Pawsters! We also make sure we let our humans know what DIY enrichment activities we invent at home. (Check the DIY Enrichment page to see some of our suggestions). Read our bio’s to get to know us better.


Woof! I’m Talulah and I’m a 3 yr. old Border Collie and Chief product tester for Team Pawsitive. I really value the opinions of the other Pawsters as we all have very different characters and needs, although I’m not so keen on this sharing malarkey!  My main job is to make sure that we are sniffing out the best enrichment activities for pupsters of all ages, breeds and abilities.

I have super amounts of energy and a very inquisitive mind. The Pawsitive Enrichment Company was actually my idea, but my human has the nerve to take the credit for it!

We live in London where there’s a distinct lack of sheep, so I substitute my sheep herding instincts with trying to round up these pesky metropolitan squirrels. In all honesty, I haven’t quite mastered my technique, but am reliably informed that practice makes better.

My favourite pastime is to go for a long walk and get filthy dirty! If I manage to get myself really mucky, I get to go swimming as well (bonus!); I LOVE swimming, so I’m always looking for ways to get mucky! Playing in water is the BEST. (Let’s be honest Pupsters, baths are not nearly as much fun are they?).

I love to chase and catch balls. If I had to choose, my favourite is a good heavy stick (I call them shin-bruisers) at least 5 feet long and almost impossible for a human to throw, (but my human won’t throw small sticks as she read somewhere it can be dangerous… pah!)   One of my favourite games at home is Hide and Seek with my toys (I’ve learnt the names of most of my toys to make it easier for the humans). Hide and Seek gives me a real brain workout (Those humans can keep their Sudoku and crosswords!)

I love to demand  give cuddles, particularly on the hour, every hour, during the night. Sometimes, I have to really PERSIST to wake my humans up. But, I NEVER give up, not ever. There’s no stair-gate in the world that will stop me from demanding  giving my cuddles.

I am not so fond of big bangs like fireworks and those giant wind turbines, I swear they multiply every day, and I’m convinced they are tormenting me.

I’m really looking forward to introducing you to some of my favourite activities. I can sometimes be a bit brawn over brains, but this is just my way of making sure things don’t break easily, before they get the ‘Paws Up’. (It’s certainly not a lack of problem solving prowess on my part!!).

Rolo & Roxie

Woof – hello and very pleased to meet you! I’m Rolo and my hoomans think I’m about three and a half years old. They rescued me two and a half years ago, after falling in love with the way I pranced about the rescue like a showpony. They say I’m ‘precious’ – I say I have standards – have they not seen my tuxedo-like markings!?

I don’t like getting my paws dirty but I do love a good puzzle. The female hooman often plays ‘find it’ around the house and garden with my meals but I’m not too fussed about food. I just adore toys!!! I can spend long periods of time on puzzles and then will go for a rather good nap. The female hooman says I’m a very clever boy, and she happens to be correct. I once figured out how to open the yale lock at our old house and had a spiffing time prancing around the cul de sac!

I sometimes find going out on walks and mixing with other dogs (peasants) fairly nervewacking so the female hooman lets me have days in with my toys instead sometimes so I can recover! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio, I look forward to sharing my insights with you. Yours sincerely, Rolo, Canine Prince of East Sussex. p.s. I’m on the left in the photo, so that you don’t confuse me with the imbecile I’m forced to live with…

HEWWO!!! I’M THE IMBECILE!!! Ur, I mean, I’m Roxie. I LOVE FOOD! Yeah the puzzles are pretty fun too but I just lurrveeee food. All kinds of food.

Oh, bio? Yeah right sorry. I’m Roxie and my hoomom brought me home when I was 12weeks old and now I’m 18months. I’m a lab x bull whippet. I love food. I do everything at 1000mph because I love everything! I love people and I love licking faces and I love chasing my tail and I love digging in the garden and I love playfighting with hooman dad oh and I lurrveee getting my dinner. Hoomom says I need to slow down when I eats so she hides my food around the house or puts it in a puzzle. I quite like the puzzles but if they are giving me too many concerns I just bulldoze them or chew them hehehe. Hoomom says she likes the puzzles because it gives her the peace. I like them because they give me the food.


Woof !  I’m Genevieve and I am sooooooooo super excited to get to help Talulah and the Pawsitive Team test out these new things!  I think I am Labrador parts and Pointer parts, but my mom thinks I am Pogostick parts as I can jump very high on the spot.  I was rescued by my human just before I was 2 years old, she is my 9th home and my forever home.  I did not know how to play back then, I had not even met BALL !  I know !!!  But now, I really kind of like it and BALL is my favourite!  But so is DUCK. And so is LUCY GOOSEY.  And I like my friend Chilli and Stanley and Charlie too.

I am scared of dogs on lead, and that makes walks scary sometimes, so I tend to hang out with my best friends for play dates and do adventure walks where it’s really, really quiet.   I love to play chase and love toys I can chase too.  That’s why I love BALL. He flies so fast.   I also love to do swimming, and chewing bones, and doing sleeping and giving kisses!  SLURP!!!  Oh and I love dancing with my mom in the kitchen, it makes me giggly inside and I can’t stop my tail waggling.    I am a bit over enthusiastic and bash into things a lot though and stomp on her toes but she never minds really.

I love playing CLICK with mom (that’s the game where you do something and a CLICK sound happens and then, get this, you get given treats! So cool!)  As I was saying, I like playing CLICK and learning things and brain games.  Brain games make my brain hurt, so I often need a snooze afterwards!

I run around very fast when we play FIND IT!  Speedy ! Speedy !  Like the wind!  I am not very good at find it yet -I think I go too quick and then my friend Charlie finds all the treats because he is slow. But I am good at barking at the door which is good because DOORBELL is on holiday, again.

My mom says I am a a dichotomy (big word, don’t know it, can’t help you) – I am a clever girl and a donut, a crazy coot and a zen Jen.

But most of all, I am happy.  Happy in my forever home as I hope you are too.  I know your humans are fab cos they are checking out these new things for you.  Have fun !

Rhu & Willow

Hello! I’m Willow an Alaskan Klee Kai and the red one is my annoying little sister called Rhu. I’m telling you about us since I’m the eldest at 2.5 years old, which Rhu is a bit miffed about, but she’s still a baby really… not even a year old!

We live in Scotland…. so a long way from our boss Talulah, but it means we get exciting parcels delivered and she can’t keep track of how long we take for our lunch break!

My Humom says I’m quite naughty when I’m bored… (nowhere near as bad as Rhu though! !! ). I love to dig (I used to dig the carpets up); I love to chew (especially things that aren’t mine!!!) and I love using my paws. I have been known to paw slap the humans when I want something. I love to sniff, going to new places and stealing my sister’s chews when she’s not looking. I don’t like water…as in baths (or even puddles really), dressing up (I have a beautiful fur coat and prefer to be naked than wear that coat thing the human wants me to) or going to the vets.

My sister Rhu likes food, food, treats and food! She also likes running (which is just as well or she’d be a porker); bringing in outside things like mud, snails and sticks (Humom used to have a nice garden!!!). This is rather good as she brings things in and then I can get a play but look like the innocent one. She’s not keen on being brushed or being left out…. she’s rather easy going that way.

Humom is very happy Talulah chose us to be part of Team Pawsitive, she reckons she may get to own a pair of socks now instead of having to wear odd ones since we both like to chew them.


Aroooooo my name is Sabre and Im a big fluffy boy.  My Mom rescued me 3 years ago after 2 yrs in a kennel. I am incredibly food motivated, if theres no food involved then why should I bother arooooo?!

I do lots of training games, well thats what Mom calls it. I call it tasties for not a lot of effort. For some reason I’m always soooo sleepy after ten minutes of brainy workouts.  I’m a lovable fluff who loves having company and long sniffy walks in the woods  Pleased to meet you!  Aroooo! Oh yes Im also a little vocal woo wooooo!!!

Ps. The other Pawsters don’t think I know that they call me FluffButt….. but I do and I don’t care! I have the fluffiest of all butts!!

Bailey & Roo

Big Woofs & little woofs to Ya!

Hi Peeps! I’m Bailey and the little one is my Sister Roo! We are super excited to be part of Team Pawsitive, as we get to product test all the enrichment products and toys that Talulah has in stock for Pawsters everywhere. We promise we will tell you very honestly whether we enjoyed them or not….

Roo and I really enjoy running around the woods and open fields together. We love sniffing and chasing, and I love to play raggy. Roo prefers her ball, although she will humour me at times with a good old ragg around …Yay! (I’ll also pretend to enjoy ball a few times just to keep my little sister happy.)

For times when the weather is awful, and we only want to be out for a little while, Mum has a range of enrichment toys and products for us to enjoy. The challenges stimulate our brains and tire us out mentally so we still get the exercise we need and are able to sleep soundly and have our much needed woofy dreams!

We also find enrichment around our garden! Our Picture above shows us looking for the mouse and frog that live here too! We love to do sprinkles in our Garden and Mum has shown us how to share the garden so we don’t get too much or too little food, a must in a multi-dog household Mum says!

We are all looking forward to seeing photos and videos of you enjoying your enrichment activities on our Facebook page.

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